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5 WordPress CRM plugins to boost your business in 2020

July 14, 2020 |

True customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you understand your customers and engage with them throughout their lifecycle. This is done by collecting and analyzing a large amount of data. From prospecting to marketing to customer service, collecting and analyzing customer data can help uncover problems and reveal hidden opportunities. How to Choose the Best WordPress CRM Extension A WordPress CRM extension is one of those tools that every company ends up getting. However, some companies need only the bare minimum, while others need advanced customizations and powerful integrations. There are a number of CRM extensions available, but we would like to highlight the features that are essential while complementing your CRM search. Here’s what you need to look for: A complete system for capturing contacts with form builders and options for placing these forms on your website. This should be as simple as possible. Items to look for include…    read more 

Chrome 86 could save you two hours of battery life on your laptop

Google will give your PC more autonomy. The editor is preparing a feature for its Chrome 86 browser that will drastically save the battery of a computer. As in Safari on MacOS or Edge on Windows, this version slows down the update of pages opened in tabs. Internal Google documents thus show the results of the experiments conducted by the company. Despite 36 open tabs in the browser, this 86 update saved 2 hours of autonomy on their test machine. To achieve this, Google slowed down the Javascript update of the tabs opened in the background to only once a minute. Even the video playback concerned The system also saves battery power when playing a YouTube video. Another Google experiment shows that Chrome 86 can extend the autonomy of 36 minutes despite playing in full screen and always the 36 tabs open in the background. This new feature should appear…    read more 

Microsoft Edge puts pressure on Windows users to become their default browser

From its launch, Microsoft Edge quickly established itself as an excellent alternative to the Google Chrome browser. However, the millions of users who have the ability to search via Edge are already beginning to be disenchanted. Indeed, like its direct competitor, Microsoft Edge seems to have the unfortunate tendency to force its use. Windows users have been able to access Edge for a few weeks now. A Windows update now deploys Edge for everyone, however, this update has not been appreciated. Indeed, when it is installed, a pop-up appears and presents Microsoft Edge without you having decided to use the browser. The average user therefore feels compelled to use Edge by default and starts transferring data from the old browser in the background without permission. To top it all off, Microsoft pins Edge on your taskbar, in first place, after the update start process, while installing the icon on your…    read more 

Google pays several billion dollars a year to Apple to be the search engine for Safari

The UK Government’s Competition and Markets Authority has just published an interesting report. Indeed, for years, Google has continued to pay Apple around $1.5 billion a year to ensure that its search engine is the one used by the Safari browser by default. The report explains that this now well-established habit prevents other companies from positioning themselves in front of Google to become the default Safari search engine. Very few companies can afford to pay $1.5 billion a year just to maintain a position, and Google knows that. According to the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority, the agreement creates a “significant barrier to entry and expansion” for Google’s competitors. Further fines could quickly be imposed To date, the mobile version of Safari automatically relies on Google, allowing the Mountain View firm to generate guaranteed revenue from advertising without worrying about a potential competitor. While this is the case in…    read more 

One password of 142 is: 123456

A brand new analysis based on a data leak of more than a billion pieces of information reveals that one password out of 142 is: “123456”. The study was conducted by computer engineering student Ata Hakçıl. He used hacked databases that include more and more information as soon as a new company is hacked. Getting your hands on such resources is quite simple. Ata Hakçıl simply went to GitHub or GitLab, as well as many forums to find these files. Many web giants such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple use this same technique to create alert messages when the chosen password is considered too weak. This is also the way of working of the Have I Been Pwned site. 12% passwords without special characters. According to the study conducted by Ata Hakçıl, out of 1 billion passwords, 168,919,919 are unique passwords and more than 7 million were the sequence of…    read more 

Firefox 78 is available: the list of new features

The protection dashboard is now enhanced with the ability to track the number of breaches you have resolved and see if any of your saved passwords may have been exposed when a site was hacked. The dashboard can be accessed by entering about:protections in the URL bar or from the Firefox menu. In addition, the Firefox uninstaller now offers an option to “refresh” rather than uninstall the browser. This involves restoring default settings and removing installed extensions. The update also provides the opportunity to enable WebRender support for users with an Intel GPU, to no longer be interrupted during a WebRTC call by the screen saver and to disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. Another big piece is the arrival of Firefox ESR in its version 78. This is the first major update of Firefox ESR since version 68 released last year. Version 78 incorporates all the features that have…    read more 

WordPress hosting improved with PHP 7.4

June 17, 2020 |

PHP 7.4 is now available on all web hosting. It offers better performance, adds new features and removes some older features. What is PHP? PHP is a powerful and flexible programming language, specially designed for the creation of dynamic websites. It is used with popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. PHP is an integral part of the most popular hosting architecture (known as LAMP architecture, which means Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). PHP is also used by popular social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. Improved performance with PHP 7.4 If you are using WordPress or other PHP-based web applications, you will notice a slight increase in overall site performance after upgrading to PHP 7.4 from earlier versions. Although the performance improvement is not as great as that observed between versions 7.2 and 7.3, every detail counts! Should I upgrade to PHP 7.4? Upgrading to a newer…    read more 

ZeroSSL: a platform to create and manage your SSL certificates for free

An SSL certificate is essential to maintain the security of exchanges between your website and Internet users. It allows the activation of the HTTPS protocol which is represented by the well-known security padlock that you find at the very beginning of the address bar of your browser. Developed by APIlayer the API specialist, ZeroSSL is a platform that allows you to easily create free SSL certificates and to simplify the validation process of these certificates thanks to an automatic management of CSR (Certificate Signing Request). ZeroSSL certificates are accessible to everyone with all major ACME integrations but are also easy to install and configure. The platform is very easy to use and even offers free SSL certificates. 90-day certificates: they are accessible with the free plan, validation takes only a few minutes and installation is simple with instructions at every step of the process. 1-year certificates: they are available in…    read more 

WordPress Errors: 10 mistakes that must absolutely be avoided

April 14, 2020 |

Your WordPress site has errors and you don’t know where they’re coming from? Some of the most common errors include : Theme display problems on WordPress Server 500 errors on WordPress WordPress 404 errors The infamous WordPress error 503 There are many causes behind these problems. After all, despite its efficiency and ease of use, WordPress is a stable platform, but it needs to be well maintained. To help you avoid these problems, our team specializing in WordPress site creation and maintenance has designed this little practical guide. Discover now the 10 serious mistakes to avoid at all costs with your WordPress site. 1. Choosing the wrong hosting service Many of the problems encountered with WordPress are related to a poor choice of hosting service. There are an impressive number of web hosting companies. This is why it is important to choose the right service to handle your hosting. Take…    read more